Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012


According to Rohim (2002, P. 74) acute diarrhea is one of the main causes of children morbidities and mortalities in various developing countries, estimated more than a billion cases in the world within 3,3 million death cases as the result every year. Combinations of environment explanation which pathogenic, inadequate diet, malnutrition are support the emerging of death and painfulness because of diarrhea. Those are happened more than a billion episodes of diarrhea every year, with 2-3% possibility fall in dehydration condition.
Times magazine in October 2006 wrote, at least 1,9 million children less than five years are die every year because of diarrhea. In other word, death is caused by malaria recorded as 853.000 people a year, children death caused by measles as 395.000 children a year, and for HIV/AIDS are 321.000 children death in a year (Khairina, 2007).

Today, diarrhea still becomes one of main disease on Indonesian babies and children. A large number of the painfulness is estimated around between 150 to 430 in thousands people a year. With recent effort that already hold, the death number in the hospital could be decreasing less than 3 % (Hassan, 2005, P. 283).
Children mortality in Indonesia raises 32 by the 1000 live birth. Whereas, less than five year raises 46 of 1000 live birth. From that mortality almost 19 percent are causes by diarrhea. In the same time, national survey that prevailed by UNICEF in 2002 mentioned, 11 percent Indonesian children suffer from diarrhoea. From around 216.000 under five year that die every year, there are 40 thousand die for diarrhea (Depkes RI, 2007).
The lost of water more than electrolyte causes hypernatremic. This is easy to be found in 15 – 20 % diarrhea victim and could be happened while during diarrhea consuming household electrolyte dissolve with high concentration of salt. For the baby, they consuming boiled skim milk that causes high load of solute kidney and the rises of urine lost. Potential causes of hypernatremia also rising if there is fever, high temperature of environment, and hyperventilate. Those are raising of water lost through evaporation meanly, also the decreasing ability on obtaining free fresh water (Nelson, 2000, P. 231).

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