Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012


Dengue Heamorrhagic Fever ( DHF ) is a some disease caused by dengue virus and brought by aedes aegypti mosquito and untill today this forms one of public problem in Indonesia, where for more than 35 years there is increased on total of patient and disease spread area. Untill the end of 2005, DHF is found in all provinces in Indonesia and 35 regencies/cities reported that was extraordinary incident. Incident rate increase from 0,005 of 100.000 population on 1968 become 45 of 100.000 population on the end of 2005. Hadinegoro, 2006 : 1 – 2 ).
Dengue virus is found in Indonesia since 18 centuriy as reported by David Bylon a Dutch doctor. At the moment dengue virus made disease known by five days fever or knokkel koorts. Called that because fever lost in five days and had manifestated pain on muscle and headache. On 1968 there was 58 cases of DHF in Surabaya and Jakarta with highest mortality were 24 people (case fality rate 41,3%). Hadinegoro, 2006 : 1 – 2.

Incresing of morbidity and mortality caused by dengue virus infection, influence by many factor such as host imunity status, mosquito vector status, dengue virus transmition, dengue virus virulention, and geographycal area condition that influence by climate and air humidity. On high themperature (28º-30º C) with high humidity, aedes aegypti mosquito can life for long time (Hadinegoro, 2006 : 1 – 2).

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